South Cottesloe

Hidden just around the cove from the popular tourist stop Cottesloe beach, South Cottesloe beach provides a slice of serenity amongst Perth’s leafy Western suburbs. Continue reading


What it is like to live in the world’s most isolated city

In my first post, I want to introduce the city where I currently call home. Although I love to travel as often as I get the opportunity to a little part of me always yearns for the security of home.

Home is Perth in Western Australia. We are the other side of the outback from cities you non-Aussies probably have heard of  – Melbourne, Sydney and little old Canberra where all the pollies hang out,  and the outside world does not seem to know a lot about us. ,I guess as a city of 1.6 million we are relatively insignificant on a global scale. We are really only known for our mining boom and Heath Ledger.

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