why i made a new facebook account


Hey facebook friends,
Just a notice to let anyone who may be interested know I’ll be deleting this account in the next week or so…
Why? You may ask, ย as you may have noticed I am not exactly a stranger to sharing photos, rants and music links to the newsfeed….
See here’s the thing… after nearly 10 years of being on social networks, and 5 years of studying media at University i’ve decided it is time for Mariko facebook 2.0, and one final long winded status before i close this account..
Although our in-person identity shifts, changes and evolves from day to day, haircut to haircut and birthday to birthday our internet identity remains an archive of all our past selves.

It reminds us, for better or worse of how we got to where we are today and all the people we met along the way.
In a way, clicking the ‘delete account’ button is a betrayal to past marikos, but it is more than that, it is freedom.

Freedom to be a 22 year old unburdened with reminders of the defunct music genres and misguided sentiments I have since outgrown.

Virtual ghosts lurking from a time where we were blissfully unaware of the role social media would one day play in shaping our personal, social and collegiate lives…
As one may expect from a media/communications student, i can appreciate online communication is incredibly useful and beneficial..

But what does concern me is the manifestation of narcissism and voyeurism which has been collateral to the ease and speed of social interaction facilitated by new media technologies.

What does scare me is what is lost in our hours of tagging our mates in hilarious memes, looking at the holiday photos of someone we may not even talk to in the street, clicking on the profile of the girl who our ex-boyfriend from five years ago is dating and stressing over the ‘seen’ button..

Developmental psychologists have concerns that our generation’s use of cyber technologies such as facebook have aversely impacted young people’s interpersonal skills. They are concerned that overuse of these technologies may ultimately result in the complexity and messiness of human communications getting shortchanged and lead to an inability for people to decode other’s emotions in real life. These concerns seem to be well founded…
Maybe this makes me sound like a massive hypocrite and someone who has been studying Arts for far too long but, I guess i just want a chance to figure out who I am without a timeline displaying every party i’ve been to, person i met and photo i’ve been tagged with since I was 16 years old to those around me (and to myself, every personal message i’ve sent and online argument i’ve had since MSN). And I wanted to explain that to anyone who was sick enough of buzzfeed to click the read more on this status.

“Who we are online is only ever this small, untouchable part of ourselves. Itโ€™s not us. Not really. But whoever we are has become lost โ€“ becomes a little bit more lost with every log in, every opened app.” – Spook Magazine

Names, coffee and self acceptance


In the coffee break of my Corporations and partnerships law lecture yesterday, a friend and I quickly ducked out to get sufficiently caffeinated to prevent drooling on the desk in the second half of the lecture.

We went to one of the most established coffee shops in freo- Moore and Moore, because it was close and guaranteed to get us the fix we needed. Moore and Moore is somewhat of an institution in the Fremantle coffee scene โ€“ it is renowned for itโ€™s jazz music, itโ€™s filthy dirty chai late (which is pretty much the king of all warm milk based beverages), in house art gallery and overall incredibly freo vibes.

As I ordered my standard Capp with 2 sugars, the girl behind the counter asked for my name. Having an unusual name which people (at least where I am from) donโ€™t come across everyday often presents challenges when ordering coffee. People mispronounce my name, donโ€™t understand what it is, ask why I have my name, write it down wrong and I almost feel bad for the awkwardness and confusion I cause for the unsuspecting barista.. In fact ordering coffee has come to resemble a kind of ordeal. Continue reading