Currents by Tame Impala

Every once in a while I found an album I can listen to in order and on repeat. Sometimes it seems in the landscape of digitisation, we have somewhat lost the art of appreciating the album as unit of music, as opposed to a playlist.

I have very fond memories of one particular morning (after a night of revelry) that was spent listening to Lonerism on a record player, and drinking cab sav in a friend’s garden.

For me Tame Impala’s music conjures up this slightly delirious, carefree, youthfully nostalgic mood where conversations are deep, and the issues between people seem to matter little.

I remember there being complete silence when we listened to Feels like we only go backwards, tapping my finger on the knee of my then lover who lay dozing on my lap.

I remember exchanging a look of understanding with his friend whom I never got the impression was my biggest fan, but in that moment we shared one of those rare illuminating moments of connection that can only be facilitated by music which possesses a rare magical quality.
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Mac DeMarco

Mac DeMarco is kind of like vegemite, you start off either loving or hating him but after a period of forced exposure most learn to respect, if not appreciate the quirky taste..

Friends have scalded my appreciation for his album Salad Days on the grounds that every song sounds the same, but i digress and suggest that it is the perfect soundtrack to lazy sundays spent sleeping off that hangover or those in depth conversations with friends which lead to in depth discussions about the meaning of life, a Game of Thrones and the key internet memes of our generation.

With Mac, you don’t just get the music served to you on a pretty platter with a few festival pics and words about how he loves all his fans. You get some weird stuff. For example, last month he sold an old pair of his Vans on eBay for twenty one thousand dollars.

Mac DeMarco is kind of like that soulful stoner/skateboarder/musician you dated sometime in your late teenage years. Looking back now you can’t really explain what it was that drew you to him, but you still have fond memories and will always have a soft spot for him. Continue reading

Music Monday: SAFIA are Counting Sheep

Up and coming Aussie electro legends SAFIA, released a new track today Counting sheep is the title of their new track, and it is darker than their previous work, exploring concepts of fear and sleeplessness. According to the very reliable source (ha!) of wikipedia counting sheep is ” a mental exercise used in some cultures as a means of lulling oneself to sleep”

It has an added complexity from their earlier tracks demonstrating SAFIA’s natural musical maturity, however it retains the Safia’s signature synth-heavy nu-disco get up and dance  sound. It also features a killer use of samples on the theme of fear, and makes us hope that an album could possibly be in the works.

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