South Cottesloe

Hidden just around the cove from the popular tourist stop Cottesloe beach, South Cottesloe beach provides a slice of serenity amongst Perth’s leafy Western suburbs. Continue reading

Skyscanner, Singapore Slings and Surprise Stopovers

Imagine my surprise when I touched down in Singapore in July last year and realised my connecting flight to Istanbul was not at 1:45pm that day, but 1:45am the next (read about sleeping in airports here).

Slightly blearily on account over over indulgence on the delicious complimentary Singapore slings   (anything with gin and/or grenadine, yes please!) I decided it was time to go exploring.

With a few Singaporean dollars, a metro pass and a sense of adventure I roamed around this oriental delight of a city for the best part of a day.

If you have a couple of hours to kill in Singapore, i can recommend purchasing a sweet crepe from the Bugis street markets (and doing a spot of shopping of course!), marvelling at the stupendous Marina Bay sands mall and the accompanying Gardens by the Bay where the canopy of super-trees will really have you feeling like a ladybird in a field of grass.

The floating baby sculpture at Gardens by the Bay also had me wondering whether those Singaporean slings had been incredibly potent or I had simply lost the plot from delirium due to my hasty flight booking.

Here are a selection of snaps I took on my (surprise!) stopoever. Continue reading

Mac DeMarco

Mac DeMarco is kind of like vegemite, you start off either loving or hating him but after a period of forced exposure most learn to respect, if not appreciate the quirky taste..

Friends have scalded my appreciation for his album Salad Days on the grounds that every song sounds the same, but i digress and suggest that it is the perfect soundtrack to lazy sundays spent sleeping off that hangover or those in depth conversations with friends which lead to in depth discussions about the meaning of life, a Game of Thrones and the key internet memes of our generation.

With Mac, you don’t just get the music served to you on a pretty platter with a few festival pics and words about how he loves all his fans. You get some weird stuff. For example, last month he sold an old pair of his Vans on eBay for twenty one thousand dollars.

Mac DeMarco is kind of like that soulful stoner/skateboarder/musician you dated sometime in your late teenage years. Looking back now you can’t really explain what it was that drew you to him, but you still have fond memories and will always have a soft spot for him. Continue reading

Music Monday: SAFIA are Counting Sheep

Up and coming Aussie electro legends SAFIA, released a new track today Counting sheep is the title of their new track, and it is darker than their previous work, exploring concepts of fear and sleeplessness. According to the very reliable source (ha!) of wikipedia counting sheep is ” a mental exercise used in some cultures as a means of lulling oneself to sleep”

It has an added complexity from their earlier tracks demonstrating SAFIA’s natural musical maturity, however it retains the Safia’s signature synth-heavy nu-disco get up and dance  sound. It also features a killer use of samples on the theme of fear, and makes us hope that an album could possibly be in the works.

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Names, coffee and self acceptance


In the coffee break of my Corporations and partnerships law lecture yesterday, a friend and I quickly ducked out to get sufficiently caffeinated to prevent drooling on the desk in the second half of the lecture.

We went to one of the most established coffee shops in freo- Moore and Moore, because it was close and guaranteed to get us the fix we needed. Moore and Moore is somewhat of an institution in the Fremantle coffee scene – it is renowned for it’s jazz music, it’s filthy dirty chai late (which is pretty much the king of all warm milk based beverages), in house art gallery and overall incredibly freo vibes.

As I ordered my standard Capp with 2 sugars, the girl behind the counter asked for my name. Having an unusual name which people (at least where I am from) don’t come across everyday often presents challenges when ordering coffee. People mispronounce my name, don’t understand what it is, ask why I have my name, write it down wrong and I almost feel bad for the awkwardness and confusion I cause for the unsuspecting barista.. In fact ordering coffee has come to resemble a kind of ordeal. Continue reading

travel journal excerpt – nepal

While I was cleaning out my room today I happened across a wall hanging I picked up somewhere in Nepal.The wall hanging has a quote from the Dalai Lama

Every day, think as you wake up, today I am fortunate to be alive, I have a precious human life, I am not going to waste it. I am going to use all my energies to develop myself, to expand my heart out to others; to achieve enlightenment for the benefit of all beings. I am going to have kind thoughts towards others, I am not going to get angry or think badly about others. I am going to benefit others as much as I can.

This find inspired me to open up my Nepal travel journal, what I found was quite a powerful entry! Please excuse the kind of new-age hippy vibe – i was about 19 when i wrote this. I hung it up on my window to remind me of that trip and what I gained from it spiritually.

Tuesday 5th of Feb 2013

We are sitting in a cafe called Moondance wearing our ugly beanies and our ridiculously puffy ski jackets,, but getting stared at as if we are either Mirranda Kirr or wearing our bathers. Which is borderline flattering, but a little scary too.

I am drinking my coffee black and we are both re-evaluating our lives and spirituality,

Yesterday I brought a wall hanging with the quote from the dalai lama about ‘A precious human life’. This quote kind of sums up our experience in Nepal so far.

Since we have arrived in this very interesting country we are had a realisation of just how precious and fragile human life is and can be.

Although we have only been here for two days I already appreciate my life back home and both C and I feel very lucky that we have been blessed with the countless abundance of opportunities that have been part of our privileged Western upbringing.

People say a visit to the third world changes you. When you hear someone say this when you are at home in the comfort of your own bubble, perhaps you roll your eyes or accuse them of being some new age idealistic hemp loving tree hugging hippy. Continue reading

blue lagoon

A most magical place, which I can almost not believe truly exists, except I can assure you it does, as I have visited and taken these two photos. Places like this really do make me in awe of this planet that we live on and all it’s wonders. What astounds me in particular is the colour palette, the emerald green of the glassy lake contrast with the more earthy tones of the surrounding jungle to create a kaleidoscope of bluey-greens which seems almost too saturated to be real life