What has possessed me to sign up for my first half marathon? (I am wondering myself!)

So as some people may know, about a year or so ago I was hospitalised due to a severe asthma attack. It all started innocently enough, with a common cold and difficulty breathing which was usually alleviated by a puff or two of my inhaler.

It had stretched on for two weeks or so, and the side-effects of the ventolin were starting to take it’s toll.

I was feeling a bit weak and jumpy, on edge and was irritable and anxious about things which would not usually bother me, but I kept on doing all the things i usually do, asthma wasn’t going to win this time, it couldn’t stop me from having my usual “wobbly wednesday” night out with my friends, I had a secret weapon which allowed me to keep calm and carry on – my inhaler.

My inhaler served me well, i went out, had a few vodka lime sodas, busted out some (probs embarrassing) dance moves and got a kebab, almost forgetting I even had asthma.

When I came home I was talking on the phone to a boy I was seeing and realised that it was becoming harder to talk, I wasn’t able to be my usual chatty self.

I sought the relief of my inhaler, breathing in deeply I waited for it to help me breathe. But the relief never came. My inhaler had stopped working.

It was like the feeling when you are a kid in a swimming pool and someone ‘dunks’ you, holding you under the water away from the air, and all you want is to take a breath but you can’t, your lungs are useless.

My lips were turning blue, and i knocked on my parents bedroom door, and said very calming “I can’t breathe”, alarmed they rushed me to the emergency room. I appeared calm and collected, but this was only because all my body and mind could focus on was the nextย breath.

When they checked my breathing ย and pulse the doctors were surprised that I was conscious. I was put on some oxygen and given steroids and kept there for monitoring over night.

In the end I was fine, but I was lucky, asthma is serious and people do die from attacks like the one i had – not just sickly children either, asthma affects older people. I had not been hospitalised for asthma since I was 4 years old, this was 16 or so years later.

I’m running the half marathon in the HBF this year (my first ever half marathon!) as a bit of a ‘screw you’ to asthma, and because I feel like i am pretty amazingly lucky to be able to breathe enough to run 21.5km !!! 2 million Australians suffer from this chronic disease – unfortunately too many of us underestimate how serious and life threatening asthma can be. Asthma foundation WA provides information and education about asthma in the community and promotes and support respiratory research. If I can run 21km, you can donate $2 ๐Ÿ™‚

Check out my fund-raising page here

Thanks guys xxxxxxx

also any training tips/motivational support greatly appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚

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