Hidden just around the cove from the popular tourist stop Cottesloe beach, South Cottesloe beach provides a slice of serenity amongst Perth’s leafy Western suburbs.

Usually this beach is not much of a beach at all, rather a reef which is a popular surfing break , windsurfing and snorkelling spot as it is more exposed then the main part of Cottesloe situated North of the groin.

However on days when the ocean is flat and the tide is out you can practically have your own private patch of perfectly white sand between the rockpools.

This is one of my favourite spots to go for a little peace and quiet or on those days when I have forgotten to bring bathers and a towel but the pull of the ocean and the bright blue West Australian sky seduces me on to her shores.

Where is your favourite hidden beach? Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 11.17.10 am

8 thoughts on “South Cottesloe

    1. Haha it’s pretty isn’t it? Definitely think I got lucky with the weather though! And yeah I am pretty much a cott local and had never really ventured south of the groin but just shows sometimes it’s good to break up your beach routine and find a hidden gem xx

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  1. Oh I wish I had known this when I was visiting perth last year, I visited Cottesloe for only a short time because I felt that it was quite crowded and the water was too fierce (translation: too much waves) for my liking. Hehe…I went back to fremantle instead and bumped into the pelican which was my other story. Haha…😄 but I can tell you that I bumped into a stretch of beach that I fell in love with at Lancelin…the beach was just perfect for me but I didn’t have much time there. We had actually just stopped by to have lunch there on the way to the sand dunes so I couldn’t really go into the water which was a bummer…I did soak my feet in as much as possible though…😄


    1. Haha Perth is a place of too many beaches and too little time! North Cott is also lovely, as is Port beach which if further towards freo, from Cott. Oh that’s intesting you found it too fierce, Cottesloe is probably our most sheltered beach funnily enough because we have such wild sea-breezes it’s often pretty choppy which makes it hard to swim. I agree with you about Lancelin, those dunes are something else!

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