Mac DeMarco is kind of like vegemite, you start off either loving or hating him but after a period of forced exposure most learn to respect, if not appreciate the quirky taste..

Friends have scalded my appreciation for his album Salad Days on the grounds that every song sounds the same, but i digress and suggest that it is the perfect soundtrack to lazy sundays spent sleeping off that hangover or those in depth conversations with friends which lead to in depth discussions about the meaning of life, a Game of Thrones and the key internet memes of our generation.

With Mac, you don’t just get the music served to you on a pretty platter with a few festival pics and words about how he loves all his fans. You get some weird stuff. For example, last month he sold an old pair of his Vans on eBay for twenty one thousand dollars.

Mac DeMarco is kind of like that soulful stoner/skateboarder/musician you dated sometime in your late teenage years. Looking back now you can’t really explain what it was that drew you to him, but you still have fond memories and will always have a soft spot for him.

Whether you are allured by his charm or question his appeal, there is no denying that Mac has developed is own breed of quirky, chilled out indie rock that is quite unlike anything we have heard for a while. The young indie rock scene has somewhat faded in recent years, with previously skinny jean wearing Vampire Weekend and The Stroke fanatics somewhat jumping ship on the rock vibe for the bedroom electronic producer one, however Mac is proof that this aesthetic is still alive, kicking and causing a stir.

It’s not just about the music. Mac has shown his multimedia abilities through producing several mockumentaries, the best of which is possibly ‘Pepporoni Playboy’ which essentially documents the dumb things that happen when a bunch of goofy and loveable, yet dorky and slightly dropkick-esque lads get behind camera.

It is hard to make up your mind about whether Mac and the other dudes pictured in the mockumentary are ironically yet intelligently having a laugh at everything or are genuinely just a bunch of overgrown hipster boys with an indie rock aesthetic and severe Peter pan syndrome. I seem to somewhat lean towards the ironically intelligent post hipster movement end . He has a shrine to himself, which screams narcissistic hipster, however this seems to be done in good fun and partly ironically. near the start of the video he talks music from the 70s and 80s music and how it inspired him  somewhat “I guess i wasn’t born in the 80s either, but i’m just a huge poser and a piece of shit”, for some reason self awareness poser combined with an easy going outlook on life cancels out the pretentiousness.

There’s also the scene where he sits on the toilet in a hotel room on tour and takes a shower at the same time – where he appears to play on Ferris Bueller’s shower musings in the classic John Hughes film of the same title “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” says Ferris.  “The culture moves extremely fast.. you don’t have a time to have a poo and take a shower so you do it at the same time” says DeMarco in a self-referential tone.

One concluson i came to about the Mac haters is that they are jealous. I mean pretty much these guys are living the dream, travelling around performing music, they aren’t missing life they have thrown themselves into the deep end (or more specifically, as is depicted in Pepporoni Playboy, off the cliffs at Perth’s very own blackies) and although they have probably caused great cultural offence through south east asia, at least they are getting out there seeing what this crazy world has to offer and making some pretty sweet tunes along the way.

You can watch Pepporoni Playboy below and make  up your own mind…

image source: Captured tracks

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