paragliding in pokhara nepal

pokhara paragliding view

My mother has always told me “if you are going to jump off a cliff, don’t tell me until you’ve done it”. So far she has been rather lucky in that department, I am yet to take up basejumping or go skydiving. The one thing which I have done, however, which essentially involves exactly that is to go paragliding.

I was lucky enough to experience this slightly odd, almost out of body yet phenomenal experience in Pokhara, Nepal, probably one of the world’s best paragliding sites.

We were blessed with a amazingly clear skies on the day that we chose to go and the only way to describe the experience was, that for at least half an hour I was a bird. Nothing I have ever done compares to that feeling of flying high above the beautiful nepalese foothills and landing on the shores of the picture perfect dreamlike Fewa lake.

If anyone is looking for a safe and reliable paragliding company I can only offer my warmest recommendation that you give Frontiers a try. The company has been operating since 1995 and most of their instructors are ex international paragliders who do it to share the amazing feeling that is floating around on thermals 2000ft above the ground!

If you ever get the chance to go paragliding, go, spread your wings and be a bird for half an hour.

paragliding nepal fewa lake pokhara nepal paraglide  paraglide in nepal selfie on goproparaglide landing fewa lakeparaglide landing from gopro hero 3

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